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Pembroke, Malta

POI: 35.926592, 14.479550
Pembroke is a town in the Northern Region of Malta, and it is considered to be the country's newest town. To the east is Paceville, the nightlife district of Malta. The coastal town and tourist hub of St. Julian's lies to the southeast, and the residential area of Swieqi lies to the south. The hilltop village of Madliena is to its west, and Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq lies to the northwest. Pembroke covers an area of 2.3 km². The area hugs a coastal zone with a rocky beach. The highest point lies at 64 meters (210 feet) above sea level (at Suffolk Road, exit to St. Andrews Rd). The whole area was formerly a British military base from the 1850s to 1979. Pembroke is named after Robert Henry Herbert, the 12th Earl of Pembroke and British Secretary at War in 1859. The town of Pembroke was formerly part of St. Julian's. Pembroke officially became a town by virtue of the Local Councils Act (1993). This Act recognised Pembroke as one of 67 localities in Malta, each having its own Local Council (today 68 localities). The current serving Mayor is Dr. Dean Hili (2013). Raymond Lanzon is the Deputy-Mayor.
The town's population stood at 3,645 in March 2014. By comparison, the town's population stood at 2,630 thirteen years earlier in 2001 which included 2,555 Maltese nationals. As at 2013, Pembroke ranked as the 38th most populated town from the 68 official localities in Malta. The population profile is quite young compared to the national average. As a matter of fact, only 91 persons were over 70 years from a population of 3,488 in 2011. This represents 2% of the town's population compared to the national average of 10% for this age category. The average age of the Pembroke population is 33.5 years compared to the national average of 40.5 years. The town's population has grown as follows; 1985: Nil 1995: 2,213 2001: 2,630 (including 2,555 Maltese Nationals) 2005: 2,806 (including 2,697 Maltese Nationals) 2010: 3,038 (including 2,925 Maltese Nationals) 2011: 3,488 (including 3,346 Maltese Nationals) 2013: 3,567 (including 3,407 Maltese Nationals) 2014: 3,645 The five most common surnames in Pembroke are Vella, Borg, Zammit, Camilleri and Galea. These five surnames alone account for 15% of the town's population.
The first known buildings in the area of the town date back to the time of the Order of Saint John. The Knights built two Watch Towers on the extreme ends of the current Pembroke coast. The first of these is Saint George's Tower, which was built in 1638 as part of a series of coastal watch towers financed by Grand Master Giovanni Paolo Lascaris. The second tower, Madliena Tower, forms part of a network of 13 coastal watch towers, collectively known as the De Redin towers, which were built between 1658 and 1659 during the reign of Grand Master Martin de Redin to protect the then uninhabited northern coast of Malta. These 13 towers adorn the official flag and emblem of Pembroke, reflecting the town's military heritage. However, it was...   ... (English)
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